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WikiQuest is an ongoing experiment in conversation and research, conducted by real life famous WikiTwins Ted Hubish and Elise Gianattasio laugh and explore the vast, labyrinthine expanse that is Wikipedia. Come on in and take a seat as we talk about what the “Random Article” button predestines us to discuss.

WikiQuest 14: Pastor Elon Musk's Solar Bible Bus

Choo choo, and a ring-a-ding-ding, y'all!! That's the "all aboard" signal, which means it's time to board the Solar Bible Bus! Don't even get to church late, we've got you covered!

Choice Topics: Ted's Cousin, Cats don't drink food water, Voivodeship?, Heartland Flyer vs. Texas Eagle, Mr. Thru the Bible Radio

The Nightmare (2015 film)

Judith Freeman

Raymond Chandler

Wola Lubecka, Lesser Poland Voivodeship,_Lesser_Poland_Voivodeship


FLEX ON 'EM - Thru the Bible

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 13: Dingus II: Welcome to Foot Golf

It’s time to go back to Dingus! We’re here, we’re ready to slurp on some salmon, and we’re fixin’ to play some foot golf. Are you? I’m!

Choice Topics: Girl Scout Cookies, Cartoons aren’t real, We are children, Friendly Super Bowl Parade Giant, Dave-Smile-Logo.jpg, Foot Golf

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 12: Beatle Magic

Hoo! What a good ep, folks. This may be the finest WikiQuep (short: WikiQuest ep) that I have ever heard with these sore, sore ears. Have we at last honed our craft? Listen in to find out! The answer is yes.

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 11: SickiQuest

We’re back from break, and guess what?! Elise is a lil sick. Don’t worry, she covered her mouth every time she coughed into the mic. We good.

Choice Topics: Down w/ The Sickness, Bad Room for Recording, iMac is Steve Jobs’ BABY SON, Public Access TV Community Message Boards, Valentine’s Goof & Upset, The Umbrella Factory, Maine’s Still Weird, Kale Beers, 70mm is good,


La Salle 56

San José de Metán

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 10: Enigma Gianattasio

Oop, we’re late! Oh well, we’re on break. How’s everybody’s doing this winter? We’re alright. Lots of info in this ep! Listen to me scream

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 9: Fopular Regrets

Hoo boy. Ted and Elise really cheesed it this time. How are they gonna get outta this mess? Let’s figure that one out.

Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship

Collingridge dilemma


James Hinton

Vancouver Tool Library

Industrial Cinematic Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

WikiQuest 8: Warm Vibez Nite 2016!!

It’s Warm Vibez Nite, everybody’s favorite wintertime celebration where we all hope to get warmer than we used to be. We’re doing all winter holiday articles on this episode! Listen in & get yourself warm and good.

Choice Topics: Be good to yourself!! Make yourself cozy. We’re happy for you!



File:Father Christmas, Tuck Photo Oilette postcard 1919, front.jpg (That Freaky Christmas Card from 1919),_Tuck_Photo_Oilette_postcard_1919,_front.jpg

Maskarada (carnival of Soule)

Winter storm

WikiQuest 7: Welcome to Dingus

WELCOME TO DINGUS! In this episode Elise and Ted explore the wild west that some might call Kentucky. S/O to our Wikipedia podcast cousins SongSalad (@songsaladcast), Wikiship Down (@Wikishipdown) and Wiki Wiki What (@wikiwikiwhatpodcast)!! Take a listen, they're great!!

Choice QUESTIONS: Why is Ted getting bees in case he gets cancer? Will the Europeans get mad at us for not understanding France? Who gets to name the towns in Kentucky and how do we suggest new names?

Alex Nicholson (Footballer)

Barry Perry:


Departments of France:

Species Affinis:

Project NIA:

The Masque of Queens:

Exalted Breath Condensate:

Elephant Mountain B-52 Crash:

Flat Fork Kentucky:,_Kentucky

Dingus Kentucky:,_Kentucky

WikiQuest 6: Your Pal, Horace Mann

Some days, you just need a scary uncle to talk some sense into you with his uncomfortably direct, trademark line. Ted and Elise found that in Horace Mann. We’ll tell you that much.

WikiQuest 5: Peck’s Rex

Hey, everybody! How was your break? Yeah? Good. Glad to hear it. Now we get to say our words. This week, we debuted a new segment of the show: Article Matchmaker! Ted and Elise dug up some ol’ dinosaur bones and tried to get them to kiss. Nice.

Choice Topics: Glue-Sniffing Child Justice, Garmo’s Stavin’, Cross Country Potato Boy, Field Day Longing, Dino Dating

Khaliq v HM Advocate

Garmo stave church

Luke Watson (long-distance runner)

Specimens of Tyrannosaurus

Turkey WikiQuest’s Pilgrim Cornucopia - Potato Girl

Happy Turkey, every-dang-body! We hope everybody’s having a good time slurping down gravy and politely conversing with their loved ones. If you’re not with your loved ones, we’ll assume that you’re either staying thankful solo-style, or you’re thankful to not be with your family. Either way? This is a good ep. Nice. 🙂

Choice Topics: Thanksgiving. Food stories. Turkey. Football. Basketball? Satellite dishes. Who knows. Have a good holiday, signed Ted

Turkey Day Classic

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

DirecTV Classic

National Thanksgiving Proclamation

Sarah Josepha Hale

WikiQuest 4: Fighter World

Ted and Elise woke up this week to a whole new world. There are no rules. There are no assurances. This is Fighter World.

Choice Topics: Elise’s Cars Fancast, Savage Maryland, Dr. Richard (Dick) Stanton-Jones D.Sc(Hon), FEng, M.A., M.Sc., CEng., Starbucks Chat with Those WikiTwins, Drink Star Wars, Learning thru Music, Quiet WikiTwin Babies, CAC Winjeel, Excited for Elephants

Kennie Childers

Dynamical pictures

Frank E. Shipley

Richard Stanton-Jones


Period Pains

Fighter World


Government of Kerala

Portions of Wikipedia are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

WikiQuest is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Baby WikiQuest’s Mini Juniors: Hard to Pronounce

Oy. Last night, huh? Yeesh. Let’s try to figure out what we’re gonna do now. What I know is: we’ve got a heaping helping of good articles and good conversation lined up for you. Let us be your distraction, if you so need it.

WikiQuest 3: All Hallow’s Steve

Hey! Wake up! It’s the day after Halloween, buddy! Feelin’ alright? Here, let’s make you a nice cup of WikiQuest. Ted and Elise will cure what ails you if it’s the last thing any of us ever do! (That last bit is a vague reference to death, which is a key element of Halloween.)

Choice Topics: Bowling with Obama, Cool Grandma, Kids: Skip Church & Play Jenga, Adam & Steve, Punish Zone, Dead Peoples’ Court, Good Ghost Slimer, Blastfurnace Man, Lists, Betsy CAN Be A Fitness Trainer, Mr. Reflector, Best in Shirt, Spydentity

Ethel Bush

Thomas McKenna (trade unionist)

Dar Bernardo

Johannes Friedrich (linguist)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (The Fatima Group)

David Claypoole Johnston

Portions of Wikipedia are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

WikiQuest is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Baby WikiQuest’s Mini Juniors - Intro to Small

Ted and Elise figure it all out on the first installment of Baby WikiQuest’s Mini Juniors! It’s like a small WikiQuest that you can fit in your pocket to save for later, for ~secret eating~! The rapscallions discuss destroying their parents’ cassette tapes, escaped hermit crabs, Jim Dale, failed field days, and more!


Auriculella pulchra

Unites States Marine Corps Scout Sniper

Hayes Gate F.C.

Portions of Wikipedia are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

WikiQuest is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

WikiQuest 2: Ted Mentions Emeril

SECOND! EP! SECOND EP! Can you believe we’ve made it this far? I can, because it’s the second episode of the podcast. We run a little long this episode, but it’s worth it for the culture, and the stories. Listen in, short one.

Alpha Sports - Wikipedia

NGC 6822 - Wikipedia

Loston - Wikipedia

Cyclocausta - Wikipedia

List of Asian stadiums by capacity - Wikipedia

East Midlands Councils - Wikipedia

Mihai Dimitriu - Wikipedia

Inga chiapensis - Wikipedia

William Moore Davis - Wikipedia

Icriocarcinus - Wikipedia

JaKarr Sampson - Wikipedia

Swimming with a Hole in My Body - Wikipedia

Torreblacos - Wikipedia

Suppire–Mamara languages - Wikipedia

Bucculatrix acrogramma - Wikipedia

John Schneider, Jr. - Wikipedia,_Jr.

Robert Chote - Wikipedia

Kevin Sorenson - Wikipedia

Auriculella pulchra - Wikipedia

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - Wikipedia

Oh, You Beautiful Doll (film) - Wikipedia,_You_Beautiful_Doll_(film)

Guingan - Wikipedia

Victoria Theater (Wheeling, West Virginia) - Wikipedia,_West_Virginia


Computer Lover by The Dirty Moogs, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license

Violin Vs Accordion, Stock media provided by Adnan Zilic/

Portions of Wikipedia are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

WikiQuest is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

WikiQuest 1: Hello! It’s Us Two!

Check it out! It’s a brand new podcast for a brand new generation of smarties! WikiQuest makes its debut, and Ted & Elise are excited as heck to talk a load and have fun with Wikipedia. We’re digging up repressed memories and making new ones to repress tomorrow.

Choice Topics: Burger Literacy, Oklahoma As Pot/Hat, Catch A Polecat, Skunk Stew, The Maine Southern Accent, Oklahoma as Musical, Mirrors, Camp Memories, Jerk Child, Clever Child, Ted Makes A Seinfelder About Church-Cemeteries, Poke Mon, Preserving Meat Art, Pretty Moths, Blendyboys, Regional Chains, Grandpa House?!

Articles explored, in order of appearance:,_Oklahoma,_Wisconsin)