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WikiQuest is an ongoing experiment in conversation and research, conducted by real life famous WikiTwins Ted Hubish and Elise Gianattasio laugh and explore the vast, labyrinthine expanse that is Wikipedia. Come on in and take a seat as we talk about what the “Random Article” button predestines us to discuss.

WikiQuest 5: Peck’s Rex

Hey, everybody! How was your break? Yeah? Good. Glad to hear it. Now we get to say our words. This week, we debuted a new segment of the show: Article Matchmaker! Ted and Elise dug up some ol’ dinosaur bones and tried to get them to kiss. Nice.

Choice Topics: Glue-Sniffing Child Justice, Garmo’s Stavin’, Cross Country Potato Boy, Field Day Longing, Dino Dating

Khaliq v HM Advocate

Garmo stave church

Luke Watson (long-distance runner)

Specimens of Tyrannosaurus