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WikiQuest is an ongoing experiment in conversation and research, conducted by real life famous WikiTwins Ted Hubish and Elise Gianattasio laugh and explore the vast, labyrinthine expanse that is Wikipedia. Come on in and take a seat as we talk about what the “Random Article” button predestines us to discuss.

WikiQuest 1: Hello! It’s Us Two!

Check it out! It’s a brand new podcast for a brand new generation of smarties! WikiQuest makes its debut, and Ted & Elise are excited as heck to talk a load and have fun with Wikipedia. We’re digging up repressed memories and making new ones to repress tomorrow.

Choice Topics: Burger Literacy, Oklahoma As Pot/Hat, Catch A Polecat, Skunk Stew, The Maine Southern Accent, Oklahoma as Musical, Mirrors, Camp Memories, Jerk Child, Clever Child, Ted Makes A Seinfelder About Church-Cemeteries, Poke Mon, Preserving Meat Art, Pretty Moths, Blendyboys, Regional Chains, Grandpa House?!

Articles explored, in order of appearance:,_Oklahoma,_Wisconsin)