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WikiQuest 23: Cement Shoes

Get ready to take a long listen off a digital pier, because WikiQuest podcast online for your ears is here once agaín! We're comin' at ya hot and ready with talkwords all about rest stops, crime, and murder! Very fun and nice!!

Alex Phillips (poet)

Catholic Earthcare Australia

Ted's 2012 Geocache Find

WikiQuest 20: Bergy Bits & Growlers

What is this? Is this a new voice piercing the darkness? Yes, yes it is! Thank you for asking. Ted and Elise pull in ANOTHER ONE (a guest) for the first time ever! WikiGuest Joshua joins us to talk history, tech, and some things popular media. Come meet the team and hang out with US THREE!

Choice Topics: Bad middle school novels, good sodas, mediocre stories about Best Buy

Settignano Italy



WikiQuest 19: Y2K - Prosperous Predictions For A Future Millennium

We're packing up our podcast in a metal lunchbox, and taking it out back to bury it next to the tire swing! This episode, we're trying out a new format. Let's talk about time capsules and make fun of dumb old dead people who aren't even alive anymore.

Choice topics: Detroit's Future Predictions, Biopathy, N*SYNC - No Strings Attached

Time capsule - Wikipedia

WikiQuest 18: The Terror Episode

GET READY TO GET YOUR SOCKS SCARED OFF FOR ACTUAL BECAUSE IT’S  TIME FORTHE T E R R O R EPISODE! Ted and Elise find some scary stuff on this WikiQuest adventure. Spiders?! Sharks?! The future?! Oh my! Turn up the volume and strap into your seats, babies. It’s about to get a lil spooky.

Choice Topics: Why Elise likes Robots (2006 film) so much, best UK TV shows, temperature woes, and all your biggest fears.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure'_Treasure

Tasa Spider Genus

Jumping Spider

Bite Back Shark & Marine Conservation

Ruth Morris

Brother Isle

WikiQuest 16: Gross Pumpkin

It's spring break! Everybody PLEASE have a good safe time, and DON'T forget to send us your beach party pictures. Because, it is spring break.

Choice Topics: Tweet Elise (@CaptnElise) and tell her she needs to throw away her gross pumpkin. I don't care if it's been three years since this episode was released; go ahead and do it.

1706 in science

Liberty's Kids's_Kids

Francis Hauksbee

Tom Collins (athlete)

WikiQuest 15: Listen Up, Class

Hey everybody, it's WikiQuest, the new dean of this high school we call Podcast. You're enrolled! Also, you have a five-page, double spaced, MLA format paper due tomorrow! Nice! Please get a leg up on the pile and listen to this podcast, to prepare. Bye!

Alexander Addison

South Plains

Floydada, Texas,_Texas

Anti-French sentiment in the United States

FLEX ON 'EM - Weird Websites
Coventry Village

Dave's Cosmic Subs

WikiQuest 14: Pastor Elon Musk's Solar Bible Bus

Choo choo, and a ring-a-ding-ding, y'all!! That's the "all aboard" signal, which means it's time to board the Solar Bible Bus! Don't even get to church late, we've got you covered!

Choice Topics: Ted's Cousin, Cats don't drink food water, Voivodeship?, Heartland Flyer vs. Texas Eagle, Mr. Thru the Bible Radio

The Nightmare (2015 film)

Judith Freeman

Raymond Chandler

Wola Lubecka, Lesser Poland Voivodeship,_Lesser_Poland_Voivodeship


FLEX ON 'EM - Thru the Bible

WikiQuest 13: Dingus II: Welcome to Foot Golf

It’s time to go back to Dingus! We’re here, we’re ready to slurp on some salmon, and we’re fixin’ to play some foot golf. Are you? I’m!

Choice Topics: Girl Scout Cookies, Cartoons aren’t real, We are children, Friendly Super Bowl Parade Giant, Dave-Smile-Logo.jpg, Foot Golf



José Manuel Pando Province

Abbott’s Mill Group



WikiQuest 12: Beatle Magic

Hoo! What a good ep, folks. This may be the finest WikiQuep (short: WikiQuest ep) that I have ever heard with these sore, sore ears. Have we at last honed our craft? Listen in to find out! The answer is yes.

Money for Madagascar

Beatlemagic – Authentic Beatles Tribute Band

Silverton, Colorado,_Colorado

County seat

Silverton Mountain

Duane D. Thiessen

WikiQuest 11: SickiQuest

We’re back from break, and guess what?! Elise is a lil sick. Don’t worry, she covered her mouth every time she coughed into the mic. We good.

Choice Topics: Down w/ The Sickness, Bad Room for Recording, iMac is Steve Jobs’ BABY SON, Public Access TV Community Message Boards, Valentine’s Goof & Upset, The Umbrella Factory, Maine’s Still Weird, Kale Beers, 70mm is good,


La Salle 56

San José de Metán

WikiQuest 10: Enigma Gianattasio

Oop, we’re late! Oh well, we’re on break. How’s everybody’s doing this winter? We’re alright. Lots of info in this ep! Listen to me scream

Abbottabad Public School

Malibu Pier (horse)

The Shadow Brokers

Alexandra Dementieva

Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville

WikiQuest 9: Fopular Regrets

Hoo boy. Ted and Elise really cheesed it this time. How are they gonna get outta this mess? Let’s figure that one out.

Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship

Collingridge dilemma


James Hinton

Vancouver Tool Library

Industrial Cinematic Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

WikiQuest 8: Warm Vibez Nite 2016!!

It’s Warm Vibez Nite, everybody’s favorite wintertime celebration where we all hope to get warmer than we used to be. We’re doing all winter holiday articles on this episode! Listen in & get yourself warm and good.

Choice Topics: Be good to yourself!! Make yourself cozy. We’re happy for you!



File:Father Christmas, Tuck Photo Oilette postcard 1919, front.jpg (That Freaky Christmas Card from 1919),_Tuck_Photo_Oilette_postcard_1919,_front.jpg

Maskarada (carnival of Soule)

Winter storm

WikiQuest 7: Welcome to Dingus

WELCOME TO DINGUS! In this episode Elise and Ted explore the wild west that some might call Kentucky. S/O to our Wikipedia podcast cousins SongSalad (@songsaladcast), Wikiship Down (@Wikishipdown) and Wiki Wiki What (@wikiwikiwhatpodcast)!! Take a listen, they're great!!

Choice QUESTIONS: Why is Ted getting bees in case he gets cancer? Will the Europeans get mad at us for not understanding France? Who gets to name the towns in Kentucky and how do we suggest new names?

Alex Nicholson (Footballer)

Barry Perry:


Departments of France:

Species Affinis:

Project NIA:

The Masque of Queens:

Exalted Breath Condensate:

Elephant Mountain B-52 Crash:

Flat Fork Kentucky:,_Kentucky

Dingus Kentucky:,_Kentucky

WikiQuest 6: Your Pal, Horace Mann

Some days, you just need a scary uncle to talk some sense into you with his uncomfortably direct, trademark line. Ted and Elise found that in Horace Mann. We’ll tell you that much.

Antioch University Midwest

List of 7th-century lunar eclipses


Yefim and Miron Cherepanov

Jason Tsai

Newton Faulkner

Grandview Cemetery, Fort Collins,_Fort_Collins

Francisco Roig

WikiQuest 5: Peck’s Rex

Hey, everybody! How was your break? Yeah? Good. Glad to hear it. Now we get to say our words. This week, we debuted a new segment of the show: Article Matchmaker! Ted and Elise dug up some ol’ dinosaur bones and tried to get them to kiss. Nice.

Choice Topics: Glue-Sniffing Child Justice, Garmo’s Stavin’, Cross Country Potato Boy, Field Day Longing, Dino Dating

Khaliq v HM Advocate

Garmo stave church

Luke Watson (long-distance runner)

Specimens of Tyrannosaurus

Turkey WikiQuest’s Pilgrim Cornucopia - Potato Girl

Happy Turkey, every-dang-body! We hope everybody’s having a good time slurping down gravy and politely conversing with their loved ones. If you’re not with your loved ones, we’ll assume that you’re either staying thankful solo-style, or you’re thankful to not be with your family. Either way? This is a good ep. Nice. 🙂

Choice Topics: Thanksgiving. Food stories. Turkey. Football. Basketball? Satellite dishes. Who knows. Have a good holiday, signed Ted

Turkey Day Classic

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

DirecTV Classic

National Thanksgiving Proclamation

Sarah Josepha Hale