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WikiQuest is an ongoing experiment in conversation and research, conducted by real life famous WikiTwins Ted Hubish and Elise Gianattasio laugh and explore the vast, labyrinthine expanse that is Wikipedia. Come on in and take a seat as we talk about what the “Random Article” button predestines us to discuss.

WikiQuest 32: Domedome

WikiQuest is back and we're just having a nice walk in the park this time. Don't even worry about it. Don't even sweat.

Ted Hubish

It's that time of year again, and YOU know what it is! It's time for Turkey WikiQuest's Pilgrim Cornucopia, comin in hot for its second year with a name that makes less sense than ever. This time around, we're bringing to the table sodas hailing from their home regions: MOXIE and CHEERWINE. Spoiler's Alert: they both liked both. Happy toikey everybod!

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 28: Candy Raid w/ Tobi Van Den Bergh

Trick or treat? No! It's two days after Halloween, don't ask that!! This time on WikiQuest, animator Tobi Van Den Bergh steps in for Elise as we raid her candy bag, stolen by Ted, as she ate too much of the dang stuff yesterday and came down with candy sickness. Trick or treat!! Haha

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 27: Beanhead

Hello, rivals and friends! Who here wants to learn about germs? Plane hangars? Phonecall signal compression? Lucky for you, you're exclusively interested in all of those things now. Thanks podcast people! Have a great one, and an even better life. Also, we talk about a fish with a human skull.

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 26: Mini Golf Dream House

Hello! It's me, your Future WikiTwin, Ted Hubish from the Future. I'm the same as before, except older, bolder, and full of sass! Just checking in on this podcast description to let you know that I'm living on a mini golf course now, as foretold in this good episode of "Podcast I Host". And I'm loving it, thank you very much. Alright gotta convert myself back into liquid so I can go back to my own time. Catch you on the flip! Bweooop!

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 25: Gouda Secret Cake

What is that off in the distance? Is that a new episode of WikiQuest, towering over the landscape? Or is it but a superior mirage (fata morgana)? Listen to the new episode of WikiQuest to find out!

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 24: Our First Anniversary Return to Form!!!

Just in time for our one-year anniversary, WikiQuest is BACK for Season 2, and Ted and Elise are ready to take on all the articles Wikipedia can throw at us. The Ongoing Experiment in Conversation and Research continues! For reals this time!

Choice Topics: Elise's Suite Life w/ Zack and Cody Connections, Clone Show on The Road foiled by the damn CLONE UNIONS. UGH. Okay, okay, here's some more: WikiQuest Memories, Elise learns what Second Life is, "HA" as a unit of measurement, Butt Powder, Hermits Live by THEIR OWN RULES, Handshake Lessons w/ Ted Hubish, Blue Collar Comedians strike a chord with Elise (???), Does Larry Eat Poop?, Teacher Elise Builds an Entire Treehouse in the Classroom and We All Love It, Lopsided Woodshop w/ Lazy Elise, Mr. Zip, Ted Mixes Up Wisconsin and Minnesota. Thank you for listening :)

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 21: Alpha Teens On Machines

Hooh-what?! Where has the time gone? It's been a month, folks. Time for WikiQuest to come back from vacation. Hang out with us as we discuss our names, French-Canadian children's television from 2005, and more!

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 20: Bergy Bits & Growlers

What is this? Is this a new voice piercing the darkness? Yes, yes it is! Thank you for asking. Ted and Elise pull in ANOTHER ONE (a guest) for the first time ever! WikiGuest Joshua joins us to talk history, tech, and some things popular media. Come meet the team and hang out with US THREE!

Choice Topics: Bad middle school novels, good sodas, mediocre stories about Best Buy

Settignano Italy



Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 18: The Terror Episode

GET READY TO GET YOUR SOCKS SCARED OFF FOR ACTUAL BECAUSE IT’S  TIME FORTHE T E R R O R EPISODE! Ted and Elise find some scary stuff on this WikiQuest adventure. Spiders?! Sharks?! The future?! Oh my! Turn up the volume and strap into your seats, babies. It’s about to get a lil spooky.

Choice Topics: Why Elise likes Robots (2006 film) so much, best UK TV shows, temperature woes, and all your biggest fears.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure'_Treasure

Tasa Spider Genus

Jumping Spider

Bite Back Shark & Marine Conservation

Ruth Morris

Brother Isle

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 16: Gross Pumpkin

It's spring break! Everybody PLEASE have a good safe time, and DON'T forget to send us your beach party pictures. Because, it is spring break.

Choice Topics: Tweet Elise (@CaptnElise) and tell her she needs to throw away her gross pumpkin. I don't care if it's been three years since this episode was released; go ahead and do it.

1706 in science

Liberty's Kids's_Kids

Francis Hauksbee

Tom Collins (athlete)

Ted Hubish
WikiQuest 15: Listen Up, Class

Hey everybody, it's WikiQuest, the new dean of this high school we call Podcast. You're enrolled! Also, you have a five-page, double spaced, MLA format paper due tomorrow! Nice! Please get a leg up on the pile and listen to this podcast, to prepare. Bye!

Ted Hubish