Breaking Bread

He was raised with Catholicism. She was raised with Judaism. Join Joey and Julia as they swap stories about their devout upbringings on Breaking Bread.


Breaking Bread Episode 4

Hey guys, don't freak out, but I think this might be our best episode yet! We're talkin' Easter, we're talkin' Passover, and all of Jesus' pals get a s/o. It's a busy busy time of year for the faithful and we've got a lot to say about it. Spring has sprung, bells have been rung, and Julia is still pissed about Barabbas.

Joey Lyons
Breaking Bread Episode 3

Julia went home this weekend and went to Temple! Joey went on a secret mission and didn't save the world but had a great time! Now they're back in the same room and once again they have plenty to gab about. Shout out to James Marsden who starred in the greatest Easter film of all time, Hop!

** Disclaimer: Julia mentions that she and Joey are "often not together" but in fact she meant the complete OPPOSITE. What she should've said was, "we are always together" or "often not NOT together." She hopes that you absolve her of that silly lil' mistake. 

Joey Lyons
Breaking Bread Episode 2

Welcome back to Breaking Bread! Today we're talking about prayer and all of the ways it has been a part of our lives. The Road to El Dorado also get's a couple mentions. Shout out to Garage Band. Amen.

Joey Lyons
Breaking Bread Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of Breaking Bread, Joey and Julia set out to discuss rights of passage and coming of age moments in their respective religions. A crazy first episode full of laughs, bagels, and long tangents about all kinds of things. Enjoy!

Joey Lyons