Banned in Boston

After spending eight months living in New York, the last thing Stephen Furda wants to do is live in Boston again. To make the city more bearable, he visits Boston landmarks with his friends in an attempt to find some upsides in a city seemingly founded on downsides. New episodes released every other Monday

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Banned in Boston Episode 11 - Yume Wo Katare with Alyssa Geissler

This week, Stephen joins his friend Alyssa Geissler for ramen at Porter Square's Yume Wo Katare. They also talk about Alyssa's appendicitis-related brush with death, how Alyssa used to vomit every time she got anxious, and their first impressions of each other. Plus, Stephen calls his friend Davis Wong to chat about music and shenanigans! Check out Davis' album at!

Stephen Furda