Banned in Boston Episode 11 - Yume Wo Katare with Alyssa Geissler

This week, Stephen joins his friend Alyssa Geissler for ramen at Porter Square's Yume Wo Katare. They also talk about Alyssa's appendicitis-related brush with death, how Alyssa used to vomit every time she got anxious, and their first impressions of each other. Plus, Stephen calls his friend Davis Wong to chat about music and shenanigans! Check out Davis' album at!

Banned in Boston Episode 10 - Harvard University with Jack McElfresh

This week, Stephen welcomes back his friend Jack McElfresh to talk about another important educational institution, Harvard University! They discuss what Harvard looks like on the inside and outside, compare The Social Network to the real thing, and figure out why Jack is scared of bananas but perfectly okay with plantains. Plus, Stephen reenacts a scene from Lawrence of Arabia! 

Banned in Boston Episode 8 - Art Houses with George Geanopulos

This week, Stephen goes to the movies with his friend George Geanopulos. They discuss their experiences at the art house theaters in Boston, carefully chronicling the pros and cons of each. Along the way, they compare their theatergoing preferences, explain the horrors of the Emerson media room, and dig into the details of George's upbringing. Plus, George shares his Oscar nomination predictions from 4 weeks ago!

Banned in Boston Episode 6 - Twin Donuts with Dan Goldberg

This week, Stephen goes deep inside himself at the charmingly simple Twin Donuts with his friend Dan Goldberg. They talk about what it's like to be in Allston in the daytime, give some advice to younger college students, and taste test some donuts live on air. Plus, Stephen reveals how many subscribers Banned in Boston actually has!

Banned in Boston Episode 5 - Chinatown with Zaji Zabalerio

This week, Stephen tackles one of Boston's most authentic neighborhoods, Chinatown, with his friend, fellow New York ex-pat and 21st century raconteur Zaji Zabalerio. They share their coping mechanisms for living in Boston, argue the merits of fish sauce on banh mi, and talk about the eventual gentrification of Chinatown. Plus, Zaji lists his top five favorite restaurants in the neighborhood!

Banned in Boston Episode 4 - The Original Dunkin Donuts with Andie Taft

This week, Stephen takes a drive out to Quincy, MA with his friend Andie Taft. They discuss the perils of driving in Boston, the plausibility of ghosts and the lack of Filipino restaurants in the greater Boston area. Then, they stop at the first-ever Dunkin Donuts location to determine whether the 'retro renovated' restaurant is worth the trek.

Banned in Boston Episode 2 - MIT with Jack McElfresh

This week, Stephen prowls the hallowed halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with his friend Jack McElfresh. Along the way, they search for Jack's fascist ex-crush, and eat some mediocre falafel at the Central Square Dumpling Festival. Then, Stephen calls his friend and former broadcasting partner Patrick Keenan to get a New York perspective on MIT, Big Papi and the weather.